Our Next Exhibit:

July 30 and 31, 1-7 PM
Facebook event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/988908061225153/

Dear Friends of Vitkovsky Fine Art,

During the July 30th weekend we are planning a special exhibit/sale: “Art from Private Collections (of our friends and clients)” – an adventurous concept with a sprinkle of wackiness. We could not find a precedent for such an exhibit in the past history of galleries anywhere in the world – so the outcome will be unexpected, but we hope exciting as well!
“Art is subjective” – is how the saying goes. One painting might make someone weep, while it might not even warrant a glance from someone else. Together, let’s find new owners, new homes and new love for these pieces. To be honest, as I am getting ready for this exhibit, I am filled with hopes and emotions for the indescribable unknown—an art adventure through annals of history and geography. The history of the art works spans four centuries and includes a Japanese Engraver, French Impressionist,Belgium’s pride and a California artist, whose works are in the museum of Toledo, Spain. Discover renowned artists, whose works are found in auctions, museums and galleries around the world.
We will share the stories behind the art and trace the provenance. Come join us for this unique art adventure!